What to do and what to visit in Salta in 3, 4, 5 and 7 days – Where to go to Jujuy in a short time


When we go on a trip we want to know everything about a place, but sometimes it becomes difficult for us due to the few days we have available, we have vast experience and we will recommend the best excursions and places that cannot be missing from your list if you come to SALTA “the cute one”

At the same time, due to its proximity, it is convenient to know a little about another beautiful Province of Northern Argentina: Jujuy.

We are faithful to traveling without haste, getting to know the places well and, especially, the people of each place we travel to, but we also understand the need of those tourists who do not have high availability of time and it is That is why we created this article to clear up all your doubts and so that you can visit the best places in this part of northern Argentina

Where to go to Salta? What places to visit in Jujuy due to its proximity?

Within Salta there are several incredible places that are internationally recognized for their beauty and for their special nature worthy of admiration.

Exploring this part of Northern Argentina will undoubtedly leave you wanting more.

The return is at the end of the corner, but the experiences and images that will remain in your memory will hardly be forgotten…

“The more experience, the more life”

But let’s not go around the matter any further, we are going to tell you what to do in Salta and Jujuy in a few days:

What to do in Salta in a few days?

what to do in salta

It is difficult to answer this question and make it useful for everyone who is reading, especially since having the possibility of renting a car is not the same as doing a whole trip with public transport.

By this we mean that if there is the possibility, it is very convenient for 4 of you to get together in a hostel or with friends and can rent a car since doing the whole route by bus or remis (which are widely used in this city for their convenience) would be coming out just a little cheaper. And you already know that by car you can move faster, save a lot of time and have more comfort when transporting your bag or backpack…

In our HOSTEL we can recommend a TRUSTED CAR rental company.

We are going to divide the article a bit for those who can rent a car and for those who prefer to do it by public transport…

What to do in Salta in 3 days?

The return of the Calchaquíes Valleys: The important thing is the route, not the destination

As we said, we are going to divide this part of the route into two options: by car and by public transport…


what to do in salta in a few days

With a car – We have the possibility to visit more places in less time

The best option is undoubtedly the tour of the CALCHAQUÍES valleys. If you have a car, it is possible to do the entire tour in 2 nights, with the possibility of assigning a third day to learn a little more…

The advantage of doing it by car is that by public transport there is no connection between Angastaco and Cafayate.

You have to know, as the title indicates, that the best thing about going to these places is not the town itself or the destination, rather it is the way to the town: the route.< /strong>

Of course, the town is ideal to get to know a little more about the locals, understand how such a town was formed in that specific place and spend the night to rest and gather energy to continue the next day… Of course also enjoy some good WINES…

What would this tour by car through the SOUTH of Salta be like in 2/3 days?

Always based on the city of Salta and especially our HOSTEL in SALTA PRISAMATA, You should head towards route 68 to “El Carril”, in the lane turn to the right and take route 33 < strong>(route linking Route 68 and Route 40)

On this tour you will find very varied landscapes… from the yunga in the lowest part to the high altitude area where the climates will be quite changeable. You will visit Cuesta del Obispo, Los Cardones National Park and